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Infant warmer

Infant warmer SNO is intended for adaptation of the newborns by carrying out of activities for recovery of vital functions in resuscitation departments, perinatal hospitals, ICU.

The resuscitator provides automatically controlled heating of infants by infrared radiation and urgent oxygen therapy.


  • Provides automatically controlled warming environment and oxygen therapy for baby

  • Possibility to install additional equipment for:

    • roentgenography

    • blood transfusion

    • dosed introduction of medical solutions

    • cardiac massage

    • height bed selection

  • Visual and audible alarms security measures


Intensive Care incubator for Newborns

The incubator is designed for nursing and intensive care of newborns, including premature babies with a critically low weight (from 500 g) in neonatal intensive care units, intensive care units, newborn pathology departments, emergency and medical pediatric departments, maternity hospitals.


  • Availability of the system of automatic horizoning of the children's module

  • Built-in video camera for monitoring the state of newborns with output to a PC (option)

  • It is possible to complete with a functional cape for children's couveuse

  • The self-diagnosis system that controls the incubator functioning

  • 6 windows of access to the newborn, folding panels on both sides

  • Microprocessor control

  • Infant module tilt adjustment

  • Trends output to the monitor


  • Possibility of radiography

  • Independent system of protection from overheating

  • Monitored parameters: Air temperature, skin temperature (2 sensors), relative humidity of air. oxygen concentration, body mass

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